Watch the new Vision Trailer and take a peek behind the scenes with the Team at Fishlabs
Watch the new Vision Trailer and take a peek behind the scenes with the Team at Fishlabs

Chorus is a game that was born out of our love of the Sci-Fi genre. Growing up, many of us at Deep Silver FISHLABS spent hours and hours playing space-combat shooters like Star Fox, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron and Eve Online, and are equally well versed in classic Sci-Fi shows and movies such as Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek and Star Wars.

Gamescom Vision Trailer

For us, one of the key appeals of speculative fiction and space fantasy, together with the iconic settings, characters and flights of imagination, is the stories that take hold and refuse to let go. It’s through these narratives we’re able to see ourselves and our own experiences reflected, albeit in otherworldly contexts.

By balancing Nara and Forsaken’s compelling, personal journey of betrayal and redemption with exploration elements and addictive, satisfying zero-g combat both in open space and tight interior arenas, we’re creating an experience that’s both kinetic and cerebral, and will hopefully stay with players long after they’ve put the controller down.

We believe the best Science Fiction isn’t about Good vs Evil, right vs wrong, but the shades of grey in the middle. We wanted to capture this in the story of Chorus. We centred the narrative around Nara’s internal conflict with her dark and her external conflict with the insidious Circle. This story is told through action and interaction with key characters in the game, such as her closest friend and companion Forsaken (who also happens to be her sentient ship), Admiral Kardoh (the leader of The Resistance) and of course, her struggle against her mentor-turned-tormentor: The Great Prophet (the leader of The Circle, the nefarious cult that rules the galaxy).

We’re really excited for players to jump into the mysterious world of Chorus and to experience the story for themselves. But great lore and narrative is nothing without good gameplay. From the very beginning our main focus has been to nail the moment-to-moment player experience from combat, character progression and upgrades systems, to side content and incentivised exploration.

Flying Forsaken is easy to pick up and feels exhilarating right off the bat, however in order to truly master Chorus, players must learn to use the ships weapons, powers and agile aerobatic abilities in concert, combining them dynamically. Forsaken is equipped with a tryptic of high-tech Sci-Fi weapon classes, each suited to different purposes. Within each class there are many weapons which can be found, unlocked and upgraded throughout the game.

We really want to recreate that nostalgic feeling from the classics; the feeling of facing off against swarms of enemies and titanic battleships, and overcoming the odds. Though, we’re approaching this with a contemporary mindset, and are evolving the spirit of these classics, not only through presentation and narrative, but also by adding new mechanics, for example Nara’s Rites of Power, and the innovative decouple drift ability.

Chorus is being developed for current and next gen platforms, and we’re committed to ensuring that the game is a great experience wherever players choose to play. However, on next gen platforms, we’ve been able to utilise the additional power and functionality of these platforms to reach higher resolutions and framerates, and to experiment with features such as ray-traced reflections, more detailed environments, physically simulated distribution and debris, and more.

We’re looking forward to showing more gameplay and behind-the-scenes features from Chorus in the months to come! Follow @ChorusTheGame on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, subscribe to our newsletter and subscribe to the Deep Silver YouTube channel for the latest news and updates!