The Circle


The Circle - a dark and mysterious cult that began their rise to power 30 years ago. They vow to bring peace to the galaxy no matter the cost. While some have followed them willingly, others have been assimilated by more forceful means, or else cleansed entirely in the name of peace; in the name of the Great Prophet. 

The Great Prophet

The Circle is ruled by The Great Prophet. Not much is known about this enigmatic figure but rumours fill the galaxy. There are some who believe The Great Prophet is a human man, others who think he was once human but has since transcended, into something else altogether. Once a great healer, he used ancient knowledge to rid the Galaxy of the great plagues that threatened to bring civilisation to its knees. For many however, the totalitarian subjugation enforced by the Circle is too steep a price to pay for this salvation. 

Other known members of The Circle


Nara was a senior figure amongst The Circle’s forces. Many even called her the hand of the Great Prophet. Nara and her ship Forsaken, were responsible for many of The Circle’s key, strategic victories in their road to power and dominance in the galaxy. Their most infamous battle, was when they lead the attack on Nimika Prime, during which the planet was destroyed and millions of citizens perished. Millions of innocent citizens perished in this attack but The Circle’s dominance was cemented throughout the galaxy and a clear message was sent to any systems who thought to threaten their grip on power. Though many say Nara’s physical form was shattered when she became exalted, transcending this reality, scant rumours abound that this is just Circle propaganda. Could it be that Nara is alive somewhere in the far reaches of the galaxy? 

Forsaken is a sentient starfighter that was bonded to Nara. A loyal companion, a fierce warrior and a powerful  War  Machine for The Circle’s crusade for peace. Many post battle reports tell of Forsaken using incredible abilities to outgun and outmanoeuvre his targets and enemies. What happened to Forsaken is unclear. He was presumed destroyed after Nimika Prime, but without any signs of wreckage, this cannot be verified. Some say he is hidden out of sight, waiting for his pilot to take to the stars once more.  

Circle Elders 

They are shrouded in mystery, not much is known about the other high-ranking members of The Circle. However, what is clear that The Great Prophet is surrounded by a council of Circle Elders who help advise him on all manner of issues, from diplomacy to war and even the whispers of the Void. 

Signed, Elav the Historian. 

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