Ray-Tracing, DualSense™ and HOTAS update


The universe of Chorus is about to feel that little more immersive with the free 1.6 update, out today.

A new Ray-Tracing mode has been added for players on PlayStation™ 5, Xbox Series X and PC that adds Ray-Traced reflections to all materials so that the environment, NPC and ship surfaces reflect light in a more natural and realistic way. On PC there’s also added support for NVIDIA’s DLAA.

But it’s not just a visual update, it’s tactile too.

For players looking to enhance the physical experience of piloting Forsa we’ve added support for the PlayStation™5’s DualSense™ controller so you can feel the power of your weapons through the adaptive triggers, while on PC there’s now support for HOTAS (hands on throttle-and-stick) accessories for the most precise and immersive controls possible.

We hope you enjoy this quality of life update and we look forward to seeing you share your stunning #virtualphotography pieces with ray-tracing enabled with us on Twitter and Instagram.

You can read the full patch notes here 

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